Town Band Day

In celebration of our 150th season we organized a "Town Band Day" on July 22nd; a tradition which we hope will continue indefinitely. We invited town bands from around our area and each band performed for about half an hour. The day culminated in a performance by the 40th Army Band which was definitely a crowd pleaser.

The purpose of this celebration was to commemorate the Burlington Concert Band surviving for 150 seasons. We are proud of the strong traditions that the band has created in supporting the community.

Below you can find a list of the participating bands. They put on a great show.

Participating Bands
Town BandDirectors
Burlington Concert BandMatthew D. Tatro
Hinesburg Town BandRufus Patrick
S.C. Jass BandRonald Tatro
BCB Low BrassMichael Berglund
40th Army BandWO David A. Myers

For some pictures of Town Band Day, please click here